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July Spotlight!

Angelica Esposito was born and raised in Colombia for most of her life but currently resides in the United States. In the past, she worked together with her husband in small businesses and learned much about business management.

In the past few years, Angelica has shifted from that path and worked at a dry cleaner where she has met countless customers who share a bond with her. She has learned even more about the importance of caring for clients’ needs and the management of products through her time there.

Recently, she gained interest in creating her own cleaning business using what she has learned from her experiences. She understands the time constraints people go through in their daily life and the struggle it can be to maintain a clean environment.

Angelica wishes to prioritize the needs and wants of her clients— actively listening to any requests and connecting with them. She strongly focuses on making sure that clients are fully satisfied with the services provided and aims to keep them returning to her.

In her free time, Angelica loves to travel and explore new things around her. She spends her time sightseeing new locations, capturing photographs, and trying local foods.

Contact Information:

(407) 953 – 4726




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