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Jennifer Lebron is a licensed REALTOR® and Team Agent at The Bosley Team.

Drawing from over 25 years of operations experience across hedge fund compliance management and investor services as well as the day-to-day operations of a $1M+ nonprofit, Jennifer brings in valuable insight and a wealth of experience to help clients reach their goals.

A Florida resident for over six years now, Jennifer joined The Bosley Team as Executive Assistant from November 2019 until December 2021. Jennifer handled all back-office operations and was responsible for all transactions from contract to close. She also worked closely with Rick on the management of the team’s financial systems and payroll.

In addition to her professional achievements, Jennifer is a loving mother of two and comes from a tight-knit family.

She finds joy in hosting weekly Sunday dinners and attending monthly extended family gatherings. She also actively engages in community activities, including ladies' luncheons, "Biggest Loser" meetings, and volunteering at local marathons.

Jennifer's dedication and passion—evident in both her work, family, and community involvement—truly highlight her as an invaluable member of The Bosley Team.




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