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Leading & Serving Others (LASO)

Letitia King-Reid Engineer, Entrepreneur, Empowering Women

Letitia King-Reid is a Packaging Engineer and Developer in the beauty industry for over 30 years, designing and engineering makeup, skincare and fragrance packages. In her career, she has developed award winning packaging for various brands like LaPrairie, BeBe, Gap, Brooks Brothers, Dunhill, Banana Republic, Oscar Dela Renta, Clinique and many others.

She realized that helping all these brands and companies to a successful branding and winning them accolades in the end these brands will never be owned by her or be part of her legacy. She joined forces with her husband as a silent partner in a business venture that allows for multiple streams of income. She believes “As women, we should always have our own. Entrepreneurship is the way to go.”

Letitia will be celebrating her 26th wedding anniversary in April 2023. She is the proud mother of a twenty two year old daughter who graduated college early with high accolades and is in the process of becoming a charter/commercial pilot.

Instagram: LKR411

Facebook: LReid




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