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August Spotlight!


Meet Yamilet, she considers herself a dreamer and many of her dreams have come true. She is a witness of God's blessing. She emigrated from her country pregnant with her first child with the goal of giving priority to her home and family instead of pursuing a career in the corporate world.

When she arrived in the USA 30 years ago, she decided to learn English independently. She decided to be her own teacher.

She was an elementary educator and danced professionally. Dancing offered her the opportunity to travel to many places.

She is also the co-founder of BRINDAR ALEGRÌA, a foundation that is focused on giving happiness to unfortunate children in her native Colombia.

From a very young age, she learned to knock on doors because she understood that this is how opportunities open up.

"Woman, keep dreaming. Don't fight to have everything. Fight to give all of yourself with love. With that, I promise you that the satisfaction and return you will receive from the Universe will be bigger than you can imagine."

While she keeps walking her life path, she keeps entering the world of surprises that encourages her to keep growing.

She currently enjoys being part of a great financial company, Fidelity Investments, where she enjoys giving her knowledge of retirement plans and protecting the financial future of others.

Finally, her priority and encourages all women is to take care of your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Yamilet’s Contact Information: Brindar Alegria




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