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Born in New Enterprise, Pennsylvania, Essence Lopez's early years were marked by resilience and adaptability. Raised by a single mother who was the sole provider, Essence learned the value of hard work and dedication from a young age. Her formative years were characterized by frequent moves and changes in schools, taking her from Harrison to New Rochelle and Pelham, and back to New Rochelle, where she ultimately completed her high school education.

Essence's childhood was deeply influenced by her close relationship with her grandfather, a successful entrepreneur who owned "World Airport Service." His life and achievements served as a significant source of inspiration for Essence, demonstrating the rewards of hard work and determination. Despite having to sell his company due to the challenges of age, Essence's grandfather managed to achieve success that allowed him to travel back and forth to Peru in his later years, reinforcing the importance of family connections.

At the age of 7, Essence's life took a new turn when her mother met her stepfather, introducing her to a stepbrother with whom she formed a close bond. This new family dynamic brought a sense of stability and support to Essence's life, enabling her to explore her creativity and share her imaginative ideas, including incorporating her stepbrother into her whimsical movie concepts.

As Essence matured, her passion for storytelling and creativity blossomed. During her time at Pelham Middle School, she discovered her love for drama and the arts, participating in the Drama Club and eventually venturing into crafting original screenplays and producing independent short films. This early exposure to the world of storytelling set the stage for her future endeavors.

As a college freshman, Essence explored the world of social media promotion, collaborating with various brands and honing her skills in graphic design. Her journey led her to attain Professional Google UI Certification and certifications in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, expanding her expertise in web development.

The turning point in Essence's career came in 2023 when she wrote "Marked Memories," earning her a nomination for the Supernatural Claymore Award. This recognition propelled her into the world of content creation for Hilda Demirjian's laser skincare center, showcasing her talents in videography and video editing.

Essence then got the opportunity to be Kellye Davis’s writing coach and editorial assistant. She plays a crucial role in bringing Kellye's book to fruition, ensuring it is ready for release in 2024.

This collaboration showcases Essence's commitment to her clients and her ability to lend her expertise to various aspects of the creative process. In addition to her work with Kellye, Essence has expanded her horizons by managing Kellye's Instagram account, contributing to an overall enhanced image.

Simultaneously, she is spearheading web development projects through WordPress for businesses like NYCE  

Customs, NYCE Vintage, Realityofthe2ruth, and NYCE Interiors. Her dedication to quality and resilience is evident as she builds websites, including a clothing site and one for window installation services.

Taking on another challenge, Essence is currently editing, formatting, and self-publishing an autobiography for her older client, Massoud. Despite the technological gap, Essence and Massoud collaborate seamlessly through phone calls and traditional mail, showcasing Essence's adaptability and commitment to her clients.

Her business, "Essence Marcella," goes beyond a name; it embodies the pursuit of quality and resilience in the business world, focusing on multimedia aspects such as videography, photography, graphic design, and social media. Essence envisions growing her company to a point where she can hire someone to manage it, allowing her to focus on completing her unfinished manuscripts.

The idea of finding someone in the near future who can maintain a mindset of supporting small businesses and authors, Essence's business spans Westchester, offering multimedia services.

In her free time, she indulges in Netflix shows, enjoys wine with friends, and occasionally engages in karaoke or gluten-free and dairy-free dessert baking, sharing her recipes on her Instagram/TikTok page @essence_marcella.

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