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My name is Maria Esther Agudelo Torres.  I was born in Colombia and am a professional stylist.  At the age of 17 I had an unfortunate traffic accident.  The day started as it always did, left my home to catch the bus. I fell from the bus and the tires ran over my legs, this led to the loss of my left leg. I was lost in the middle of an economic failure. I continued studying but was very frustrated. However, I pushed through to complete my studies of cosmetologist in my Colombia. I thank God for giving me the strength to move ahead. God has been my pioneer and guide. He has filled me with peace and serenity.


Thanks to my older brother and the beauty academy, I was able to finish my profession. I then got married and had two children.  It has always been my dream to get ahead and improve myself. We had the opportunity to travel to Panama City with my family. In Panama I was able to open three beauty salons. However, it was always my dream to come to the United States. I arrived in the US with $400 in my pocket but was another pocket full of dreams to move ahead. I was then presented with the opportunity of an American visa, so I decided to travel and stay in Port Chester, NY.  


Thanks to this opportunity and the desire to continue, I opened my own beauty salon and was active for several years.   When my little daughter was born, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor fortunately I underwent radiation treatment, and everything turned out well. 


I decided to travel to Atlanta, Georgia with the most beautiful thing that God has given me, my beautiful daughter who is now 7 years old.  She has a heart of gold and a wonderful talent to who I wish to offer everything she deserves, the opportunity to study to get ahead. This is the reason I decided to come back to New York and with my business partner, Doris Castillo we decided to open Dome Salon located at 106 Adee St. in Portchester NY. I wish to continue this beautiful path of life doing what I like and love most, giving my clients excellent service with professionalism.  "No matter what you go through. With or without or with style...You will always shine!"

Contact: Salon Dome 106 Adee St., Port Chester, NY 10573





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