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Leading And Serving Others

November 2021

Marlyn Sanz

Marlyn Sanz, Teacher in Florida and proud mother of 2 young adults. She was born and raised in the United States, however extremely proud of her Colombian heritage. Her family always made sure she stayed close to her Colombian roots. She is not afraid of a challenge and is resourceful when she needs to be.
In her profession she immerses herself in her pursuit to ensure that her students obtain the best possible education even if at times it means investing in her endeavors to ensure her students have the tools they need to succeed. During the pandemic, utilizing her resourceful skills, she involved herself in reaching out to students abroad in China to help them learn the English language. Although, preparing for her classes takes a lot of her time, she always manages to find time to help others and have a little fun on the way. To Marlyn, family is everything and she ensures that she spends time celebrating milestones and events with them. Her upbeat, optimistic and energetic attitude makes her approachable and fun to be around. She is also ELIE Group’s representative in Central Florida.



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