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Adriana Romero

Septiembre 2021

Adriana Romero

Adriana is a multifaceted Metaphysical Practitioner & proud mother of 3 boys. She focusses in bringing consciousness to the multidimensional energies of your internal and external worlds.

She specializes in:
Avatar Embodiment: Acknowledge the "physical" avatar that you are right now and become aware of each of its multidimensional aspects and consciousness. This helps with identifying the recurring mental, emotional and physical; habits, patterns and cycles keeping you in the loophole of "not moving forward".

Inner Child Healing: Acknowledge all the "hide-and-seek" games that have been in continuous play and through memory recollection, help find that inner child that has been seeking to lovingly reunite with its adult counterpart.

Awareness Shift from Victim of Life to Student of Life: Unroot all actions that keep you trapped as a "victim of life" and activate the frequencies that shift your awareness into "student of life". Helping you see everything in your surrounding world as everyday lessons turning into blessings.

Shadow Work: Unlock your heart's burdens through phases, so we can bring into merger their dark and light aspects. Giving you encouragement to see each aspect through the eye of your soul and receive them into your higher heart.

Ancestral Healing: Work with your physical family tree of life (through you), to trace all areas of "dis-eases" and retrace that DNA strand with healing. Unknotting all knots that continue to genetically pass from birth to death. I also help you understand the key difference between Ancestors and Ancestral.

Contact information:, @luminous_inner_healing


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